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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


A pathway for the derivation of control-oriented models for radiant floor applications

José A. Candanedo, Ali Saberi-Derakhtenjani, Katherine D’Avignon, Andreas K. Athienitis

Abstract: Radiant floors have significant potential for load management in buildings on account of their substantial energy storage capacity. However, the long time constants associated with these systems make their control more challenging. Predictive control can be used to take into consideration the time delay of the system and ensure that thermal comfort is maintained. To implement effective and practical predictive control strategies, simple yet accurate models are needed. This paper focuses on the development of a detailed 3-D model of a radiant floor heating slab. The model is validated with data collected from a concrete slab in an experimental facility under controlled conditions. The experimental results and the detailed model are then used in the derivation of a control-oriented, low-order 1-D model. Parametric studies based on the detailed model will provide guidelines for the rapid generation of low-order models of radiant floor systems.
Keywords: radiant floor heating, control-oriented modelling, energy storage
Pages: 57 - 64