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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Representation of daily profiles of building energy flexibility

Thibault Quentin Péan, Bismark Torres, Joana Ortiz, Jaume Salom

Abstract: The representation of simulation results with regards to building energy flexibility is investigated. The chosen case study is a residential flat located in Spain, equipped with an air-to-water heat pump. From a reference simulation scenario, active demand response (ADR) events are implemented; they consist in modulating the heating set-point for a few hours. If the starting time of the ADR event is varied in time, the resulting simulations enable to produce daily profiles quantifying the different aspects of energy flexibility. Different representations of these profiles are proposed and discussed, combining the flexibility capacity and efficiency profiles, or representing different ADR configurations in a single graph. A high dependency of the flexibility profiles was observed with regards to the existing consumption profile and temperature setbacks. An ADR event of 2 hours with set-point modulation of ±1°C provides a maximum flexibility capacity of 9.4kWh upwards and -8.6kWh downwards.
Keywords: energy flexibility in buildings, demand-side management, heat pump, flexibility representation.
Pages: 153 - 162