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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Control-oriented modelling of stratified storage tanks: an enhanced approach

Etienne Saloux, José A. Candanedo

Abstract: Energy storage devices, such as stratified tanks, play a decisive role in managing the mismatch between renewable energy sources and loads. As part of a larger study on advanced predictive control for a solar district heating system (the Drake Landing Solar Community, DLSC), this paper investigates a control-oriented modeling method of a short-term energy storage device consisting of two stratified tanks connected in series. In a conventional modeling approach for stratified tanks, incoming flows are delivered to one of several thermal “layers” in the tank as a function of their temperature. This concept is expanded by allocating different fractions of the received flowrate to the different layers in the tanks. DLSC data is used to calibrate the model; the accuracy of this model is then compared with the more traditional approach. Finally, the benefits of using such a model for control purposes are discussed.
Keywords: predictive control, control-oriented model, thermal energy storage, stratified storage, district heating
Pages: 193 - 201