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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Roadmap for Occupant Modelling in Building Codes and Standards

William O’Brien, Aly Abdelalim, Tareq Abuimara, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Juan Sebastián Carrizo, Ryan Danks, Sara Gilani, Burak Gunay, Ted Kesik, Mohamed Ouf

Abstract: Occupants have emerged as a significant source of uncertainty and a leading reason for discrepancies between building performance simulation (BPS) predictions and measured performance. However, occupant modelling in BPS is a relatively young research area and has barely emerged into practice or building codes and standards. Meanwhile, occupant comfort and the impact of behaviour typically remain an afterthought in new building construction – in large part because of the simplicity with which they are treated in building codes and BPS tools. This paper serves as a brief overview of a roadmap that is being developed to guide the path for more realistic occupant modelling in building codes and standards. The paper draws from a survey of BPS users, a stakeholder workshop, and the literature in order to pave the road towards better occupant modelling. The roadmap includes goals, milestones, gaps and barriers, action items, and priorities and timelines.
Keywords: occupant modelling and simulation, building performance simulation, building energy codes and standards, roadmap.
Pages: 259 - 268