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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


CFD Modeling for Thermal Comfort in an Open Workspace

Philippe B. Vincent

Abstract: A CFD model was built of Creaform’s new headquarters in order to validate the design and ensure thermal comfort. The distinctive building comprises very large fenestration and dense periphery occupancy, which led to questioning during the design phase regarding the performance of heating and air conditioning through the air diffusers to ensure the thermal comfort of periphery occupants. A CFD model of an open workspace, built with STAR-CCM+ software, simulates critical winter and summer thermal environments. A 1-D thermophysiological model is coupled with the 3D solutions to provide body-part-specific comfort evaluation of periphery occupants (Local Mean Vote). The model predicts a proper comfort level for the critical winter scenario, and comfort level is higher with triple-glazed windows versus double-glazed. In the critical summer scenario including internal loads and solar radiation, the south-facing window properties has shown to have a strong influence on thermal comfort of periphery occupants’ upper body parts.
Keywords: CFD, Thermal Comfort, Creaform, Local Mean Vote, Diffuser, STAR-CCM+
Pages: 276 - 285