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Proceedings of eSim 2018: 10th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Building Energy Simulation to Assess non-Conditioned Buildings in Equatorial Latitude and High Altitude Regions

Carlos Naranjo-Mendoza, Francisco Jácome, Paulo Castro, Freddy Ordóñez

Abstract: Energy efficiency in buildings, as well as the indoor thermal behaviour of buildings, have been largely studied in recent years. However, the research has been focused on the performance of conditioned buildings in order to reduce the building energy consumption. Little research has been conducted in the study of the thermal performance of unconditioned buildings and even less in buildings located in equatorial high-altitude regions. In this context, this work aims to assess the influence of the principal building variables on the thermal comfort of unconditioned residential buildings in high-altitude equatorial regions. Quito was chosen as a case study and multiple simulations (17280 building configurations) in EnergyPlus were conducted in order to evaluate the percentage of annual discomfort. Results suggest that the roof is a key parameter to improve the thermal comfort of residential buildings and the use of insulation in the roof is advisable. Infiltrations, thermal mass and window orientation are other important parameters to be considered for the passive design of residential buildings.
Keywords: thermal building behavior, equatorial high-altitude regions, parametric study
Pages: 286 - 293