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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Verification of occupant-related aspects of the National Building Code in Canada

Ahmed Abdeen 1,2, William O'Brien 1, Burak Gunay 1
1 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University, Canada
2 Architecture Engineering Department, Assiut University, Egypt

Abstract: With the ongoing significance of energy efficiency in the building sector, the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) are essential for improving energy efficiency and minimizing energy consumption in housing and small buildings, and large buildings, respectively. Given that human behaviour is increasingly recognized to play an important role in building energy use, the validity of occupant-related assumptions in the building code and in the energy performance modeling tools used for demonstrating compliance to the code is a central concern. This paper is an investigation of current occupant-related assumptions in the NBC and modeling tools such as HOT2000 compared to new and emerging data sources, along with their potential energy and design impacts. The objective of this study is to identify the suitability of existing occupant-related assump- tions, and accordingly, propose a set of initial recommenda- tions for the NBC. Initial results indicate that several code assumptions are substantially different from findings in recent measurement-based studies, while others are quite representative.