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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Evaluating the Thermal Impacts of Different Masonry Wall Tie Designs Using FEM

Yue Shao, Maysoun Ismaiel, Yuxiang Chen
University of Alberta, Canada

Abstract: Masonry wall ties is one of the main thermal bridging sources in masonry exterior walls. Traditional steel masonry veneer ties cause a significant reduction in the overall thermal resistance of the masonry walls. Research shows that tie material, shape and spacing have a significant impact on the overall thermal resistance. This study aims to observe the reduction effect of the masonry ties on the thermal resistance of exterior masonry walls and presents viable solutions. Finite Element Models (FEM) are used in this study to compare the effects of different tie spacing, shapes and dimensions on the overall thermal resistance of masonry walls. In addition, this study suggests new insulation schemes by using thermal breakers at the ties' edges to improve the thermal resistance of masonry ties and reduce the thermal bridging effect. Results showed that reducing the length or putting thermal breaker at the interior ends of the ties significantly reduces the thermal bridging impact.