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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Designing Mixed-Use Recreational Facilities to Meet TEDI, TEUI, GHGI, and Thermal Comfort Targets

Jeanie Chan, Andrea Frisque, Haobo Liu, Luisa Drope
Stantec Consulting Ltd., Canada

Abstract: The new BC Energy Step Code and Green Building Policy for Rezoning has made designing buildings in Vancouver, Canada an increasingly difficult task. The Code and Policy mandates that buildings must either meet select 3rd-party certifications (e.g. Passive House) or stringent Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI), Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI), and Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI) targets. Furthermore, there are thermal comfort requirements for passively cooled buildings. In our work, we analysed design solutions for a mixed-use recreational facility that includes a pool, gym, multipurpose, and residential spaces. We performed studies utilizing parametric simulations and Passive House concepts to optimize the building’s envelope, operation, and heat recovery system to achieve its TEDI targets. With a natural ventilation study, we identified overheated spaces and analysed measures to address the problem. This paper presents the study results and recommended design solutions for the mixed-use recreational facility to achieve its performance targets.