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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


A simulation-based sandbox for testing occupant-centric control strategies

Mohamed M. Ouf 1, Erik Bowden 1, June Y. Park 2, Burak Gunay 3
1 Concordia University, Canada
2 University of Texas at Austin
3 Carleton University

Abstract: Occupant-centric control (OCC) strategies aim to optimize building operations by learning and predicting occupancy patterns and occupant preferences. However, testing OCCs and adjusting their configuration in real buildings can be a lengthy process. To this end, we present an approach for testing OCCs in a simulation environment. The workflow entails coupling synthetic occupant behaviour models with OCCs that learn their preferences. The proposed method was applied in a case-study to simulate OCCs for lighting while modifying their settings and occupant behaviour assumptions. Results enabled comparing their performance for minimizing energy use and improving comfort under different scenarios. Using this method, building designers and operators can identify potential issues with OCCs and fine-tune their configurational parameters prior to field implementation.