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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Optimization of an Earth Tube System by Means of Factorial Analysis

Hoda Barzegar Ganji 1,2, Michael Utzinger 1
1 University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, USA
2 George Brown College, Canada

Abstract: An Earth Tube system is a hybrid ventilation system using an air-to-soil heat recovery approach. Energy saving of an Earth Tue system depends on several factors such as soil type and depth, tube length and radius, fan volume flow rate, climatic conditions, etc. While several papers have studied some of these elements, there is a lack of a holistic approach to study the factors in relation to each other. A factorial analysis uses a previously developed parametric model to find the significant factors on the system performance. The main takeaway of this paper is the process of optimization and the features to consider while designing an Earth Tube system.