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Proceedings of eSim 2020: 11th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Application of phase change materials in the solar energy greenhouse exposed to cold climate

Arshdeep Singh Grewal, Miroslava Kavgic
University of Manitoba, Canada

Abstract: Climate change continues to accelerate, causing food insecurity and rising costs. A potential solution may be found in growing food locally in highly productive greenhouses. This study presents the passive application of phase change materials (PCMs) in solar energy greenhouse located in Winnipeg to reduce its energy consumption while maintaining growing indoor conditions. Hysteresis is a crucial energy performance factor for the PCM-enhanced building envelope. Therefore, this study investigates the integration of PCMs within three external walls of the greenhouse using the hysteresis method in EnergyPlus and compares a recently developed hysteresis method against its precursor enthalpy-temperature method. The results show that PCM achieves 17 % to 99.5 % heating and 20 % to 30 % and cooling energy savings. Furthermore, compared to the enthalpy-temperature approach, the hysteresis method results in higher heating and cooling energy savings of approximately 4.11 % and 2.60 %, respectively.