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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Virtual energy metering of whole building cooling load from both airside and waterside measurements

Etienne Saloux, Kun Zhang
NRCan - CanmetENERGY, Canada

Abstract: Sub-hourly data from buildings are becoming increasingly available and represent an untapped opportunity to better manage and operate buildings. To complement the available data, soft sensors and virtual meters could be developed to infer important variables, which are typically not measured. While research has mainly focussed on such tools at a local component level, this paper presents data-driven virtual energy meters to estimate cooling load at the whole building level. These meters rely on measurements, energy and mass balance equations from: 1) the chilled water plant, 2) the air handling units and 3) the variable air volume boxes and thermostats. Cooling load estimations were compared for a large Canadian commercial building, and the merits of each method are discussed in terms of uncertainty, ease of implementation and applications.
Keywords: Virtual metering, cooling load, data-driven, energy management