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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


BIM to BEM Processes in the Centre Block Rehabilitation

Adrian Soble, Selena McRae, Daniel Knapp, Martin Sing
WSP Canada / CENTRUS, Canada

Abstract: This paper presents two methodologies being investigated to support building performance simulation in the Centre Block Rehabilitation project. The translation of building information models (BIM) to building energy models (BEM) aims to leverage existing architectural data to produce energy models more effectively. A significant amount of time is spent by simulation practitioners developing model geometry, hindering the response time between when an analysis is requested, and when results can be shared with a stakeholder. The vision of BIM to BEM research is to one day have tools available that can take a complex BIM file and produce a workable energy model with minimal time spent manually correcting the data to meet the specific needs of an energy model. The proposed processes discussed are augmented, meaning that scripts are used to expedite the process, but still require manual work to create simplified geometry models.
Keywords: Center Block, building performance simulation, model translation, energy modelling, BIM to BEM