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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Energy modelling and emissions analysis of indoor-grown produce for Arctic Canada

Carsen Jeffrey Banister 1, Adam Douglas Wills 1, Koreen Legaspi 2, Travis Moore 1
1 National Research Council Canada
2 University of Waterloo

Abstract: Many remote communities rely heavily on shipped-in goods due to limited or no local availability. Communities in Canada that are not road-connected require air transport of fresh produce. As a result of food security issues, there is interest in exploring controlled environment agriculture (CEA) in the Arctic and there is no prior work on energy or emissions analysis. This work estimates the emissions of a modelled CEA enclosure operated in the Canadian Arctic. Several scenarios are considered, which have varying capacities of small wind turbines, solar photovoltaic panels, and battery energy storage and range from 29 to 82% renewable fraction. A range of emissions intensities result, which highlight both the potential and challenges for renewable energy in Arctic applications.
Keywords: Arctic, food growth, renewable energy, emissions, modeling