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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Parametric study and thermal performance evaluation of a sub-slab horizontal ground heat exchanger coupled with a heat pump

Luminita Dumitrascu, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Carleton University, Canada

Abstract: The research investigates the thermal performance of a sub-slab ground heat exchanger (GHE), coupled to a heat pump, and the ability of the system to provide space conditioning and domestic hot water heating for a low-rise multi-unit residential building. The thermal performance of the horizontal GHE directly influences the performance of the heat pump. Therefore, this paper presents the results of a parametric study conducted via TRNSYS simulation, investigating the main factors affecting the thermal performance of a sub-slab GHE. Among these factors are the design properties (number of pipes/layers, distance between pipes/layers), the thermal characteristics of the backfilling materials, fluid properties, as well as various configurations for the insulation layer. Each design of the GHE will be used to evaluate the performance of the ground coupled heat pump system, for a multi-unit residential construction in Ottawa.
Keywords: sub-slab thermal storage system; multi-source heat pump; ground heat exchanger; parametric analysis