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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Development of a Framework for the Analysis of Decarbonisation Paths for Existing Canadian Houses

Rasoul Asaee
Natural Resources Canada, Canada

Abstract: Understanding the energy performance of existing buildings is the essential component of programs aiming to reduce the energy demand of the building sector. Data-driven approaches gained significant attention in recent years as a viable alternative to classical dynamic models that relied on fundamental thermodynamic and heat transfer equations to analyze energy use in buildings. This article presents a semi-automated pipeline for the rapid development of stock models at national, regional, and municipal levels. It utilizes the strength of both data-driven and energy modeling techniques. The stock models benchmark the status of existing houses and provide tools for comprehensive analysis of decarbonization scenarios. Major components of the proposed pipeline have been developed, and the work on the remaining pieces is in progress. Preliminary results of stock benchmarking are presented in this article.
Keywords: Archetype, greenhouse gas emission, simulation, residential