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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Evaluation of modelling conditions imposed for simulation of building-integrated phase change materials

Calene Treichel, Christopher Baldwin, Cynthia A. Cruickshank
Carleton University, Canada

Abstract: Phase change materials (PCMs) are a high energy density thermal storage option that, when integrated into buildings, store midday solar energy via solid-liquid phase change to shift the time a solar load is introduced into a space thus decreasing peak cooling and overnight heating loads. However, further research is required to minimize conditioning loads with PCMs, and therefore it is critical that the assumptions imposed by simulation software are carefully assessed. The objective of this research was to evaluate assumptions involved in modelling the characteristics of PCMs, such the treatment of solar radiation upon PCM surfaces. An experimentally validated single-room EnergyPlus model was developed, and scenarios were simulated while assessing the impact of selected modelling conditions. It was found that window geometry has a negligible impact on the room, and that peak room temperatures are greater when internal gains are introduced in place of the equivalent solar gains.
Keywords: phase change materials, EnergyPlus, simulation, thermal storage