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Proceedings of eSim 2022: 12th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


In-situ energy performance analysis and prediction of a hybrid heating system

Wanrui Qu, Yuxiang Chen
University of Alberta, Canada

Abstract: Domestic hot water and space heating accounts for 14% and 56% of the total housing energy consumption in Canada, respectively. Conventional electric heat pumps can provide energy-efficient space and domestic hot water heating; however, they have lower energy efficiency in wintertime due to low outdoor temperatures. To enhance the efficiency and economic benefits of the heating system, a hybrid energy source system that integrates a conventional air-source electric heat pump and a natural gas boiler is proposed as a potential solution. This research aims to monitor and analyze the in-situ energy performance of a hybrid heating system installed in a net-zero energy house located in a cold-climate city, Edmonton, Canada, and based on the in-situ performance, the energy consumption model of the hybrid system will be developed using a data-driven approach. The findings from this study will help advance research and development in reducing the energy consumption in water and space heating.
Keywords: Hybrid heating system, Air source heat pump, Natural gas boiler, Energy consumption prediction, Cold-climate Net-zero energy house