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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006: 2nd conference of IBPSA-USA


Experience Testing EnergyPlus with the IEA HVAC BESTEST E300-E545 Series and IEA HVAC BESTEST Fuel-Fired Furnace Series

Michael J. Witte, Robert H. Henninger, Drury B. Crawley
GARD Analytics, Inc., Park Ridge, IL
U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Abstract: The EnergyPlus building energy simulation software has been tested using the IEA HVAC BESTEST E300-E545 series of tests and the IEA HVAC BESTEST Fuel-Fired test series. The first is a series of comparative tests for a single-zone DX cooling system which tests a program's ability to model hourly loads over an expanded range of performance conditions for various air mixing, infiltration, thermostat setup, overload conditions, and various economizer control schemes. The second is a series of analytical/semianalytical comparative tests for a single-zone fuel-fired furnace which tests a program's ability to model steady state performance, varying outdoor and indoor conditions, and circulating and draft fan operation. Each of these HVAC BESTEST series were used to test EnergyPlus prior to new public releases. The application of these tests proved to be very useful in several ways: a) revealed algorithmic errors which were fixed, b) revealed algorithmic shortcomings which were improved or eliminated through the use of more rigorous calculations for certain components, and c) caught newly introduced bugs before public release of updates.
Pages: 1 - 8