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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006: 2nd conference of IBPSA-USA


Automated Multivariate Optimization Tool for Energy Analysis

Peter G. Ellis, Brent T. Griffith, Nicholas Long, Paul Torcellini, Drury Crawley
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO
United States Department of Energy, Washington, DC

Abstract: Building energy simulations are often used for trial-anderror evaluation of "what-if" options in building design-a limited search for an optimal solution, or “optimization.” Computerized searching has the potential to automate the input and output, evaluate many options, and perform enough simulations to account for the complex interactions among combinations of options. This paper describes ongoing efforts to develop such a tool. The optimization tool employs multiple modules, including a graphical user interface, a database, a preprocessor, the EnergyPlus simulation engine, an optimization engine, and a simulation run manager. Each module is described and the overall application architecture is summarized.
Pages: 42 - 48