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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006: 2nd conference of IBPSA-USA


The Simulation of a Renewable-Energy-Powered Hydrogen-Based Residential Electricity System

Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Maria Mottillo, Alex Ferguson, Hajo Ribberink, Libing Yang, Kamel Haddad
CANMET Energy Technology Centre, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa Canada

Abstract: The integration of photovoltaics within buildings to meet local electricity demands offers great potential for reducing the environmental impact of central electricity production and distribution. However, the inherent temporal mismatch between electrical production and consumption represents a significant obstacle in the long-term. With the present low fraction of non-dispatchable power on most electrical distribution systems, it is technically feasible to use the grid to absorb excess power and to supply power during deficits of production. In the future, however, it is likely that some form of local storage will be required to reduce grid reliance. This paper examines a concept based upon the local production, storage, and conversion of hydrogen that might address that need. Models of the appropriate resolution are described and their calibration using empirical data discussed. The operation of these models is demonstrated and plans outlined for the use of the models to assess the feasibility of the concept.
Pages: 67 - 74