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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006: 2nd conference of IBPSA-USA


Energy Simulation of a Double Skin Facade: A Process Using CFD and EnergyPlus

Alexandra Aleka Pappas, Zhiqiang John Zhai
Enermodal Engineering, Inc., Denver, CO
University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

Abstract: This research presents a validated modeling process for analyzing the thermal performance of a naturally ventilated double skin facade (DSF) using an annual building energy simulation program (BESP) such as EnergyPlus along with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package. The model is used to develop correlations that can be implemented in a BESP, allowing users to take advantage of the accuracy gained from the CFD simulations without the required computation time. Correlations were developed for airflow rate through the cavity, average cavity air temperature, and interior convection coefficient. The correlations were used to identify deficiencies of EnergyPlus for this application in both its mixed air zone air temperature calculation and in its available correlations for interior convection coefficient. The correlations also served to validate the ability of the COMIS link to predict an accurate airflow rate through the cavity.
Pages: 145 - 152