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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006: 2nd conference of IBPSA-USA


Analysis Process for Designing Double Skin Facades and Associated Case Study

Ian Doebber, Maurya McClintock
Arup, San Francisco, CA

Abstract: Double Skin Facade systems, adopted prevalently across Europe for a number of years, are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. However, the design community lacks validated modelling programs and the knowledge base (established on real performance data) necessary to understand the complex thermal behaviour of Double Skin Facade systems. The following paper summarizes how naturally ventilated Double Skin Facades systems are analyzed and designed despite limitations. Specifically, the paper highlights how currently published information and a suite of modelling programs are used to determine: the critical design criteria affecting thermal performance, the optimal solution to those criteria, and the anticipated performance of the final design. The intention is to provide insight for research initiatives to make real performance data publicly available, establish analysis methods, and to develop validated modelling programs.
Pages: 160 - 167