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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2008: 3rd conference of IBPSA-USA


Federation Tower Moscow - Different Room Climates Under One Roof

Oliver Baumann, Claudius Reiser
Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers, Washington, D.C.
Ebert-Ingenieure GmbH &Co. KG, Munich, Germany

Abstract: The 'Complex Federation', also known as 'Federation Tower' in Moscow, Russia, a 506 m (1,660 ft) tall multipurpose building consisting of two towers on a common podium, will soon become Europe's tallest building-at least until in 2012 the 'Russia Tower' with a height of 612 m (2,009 ft) will be completed. The tower caps of both towers accommodate occupancies which are most exclusive and quite challenging. At the same time the utilization has a diversity that includes wellness and recreation areas, pools, sky gardens, restaurants, VIP lounges and barsall in one open space and under one common and completely glazed roof. The scope of the analysis presented in this paper was to develop an HVAC concept which guarantees thermal comfort for all these occupancies and utilizations with their different requirements, in summer as well in winter. Based on in depth analyses for the building envelope (e.g. glazing, frames, tightness, solar properties, etc.) with dynamic simulation (TRNSYS 16), the climatic concept has been further analyzed and improved by evaluating and verifying the thermal comfort, i.e. temperatures, humidity and air flow, using computational fluid dynamics CFD simulation (FLUENT 6.3). The analysis focuses on following requirements: absolutely no condensate shall arise on the inner surfaces of the façades; the temperatures in winter should be evenly distributed without any cold spots and maintained at a minimum of 21 °C in the restaurant, bar and lounge areas, 22 °C in the Sky Club; the temperature in all areas should be maintained at a maximum of 24 °C in summer; dissemination of odors from the restaurants areas should be prevented.
Pages: 77 - 83