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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2008: 3rd conference of IBPSA-USA


Potential and Limitations for Hydronic Radiant Slabs Using Waterside Free Cooling and Dedicated Outside Air Systems

Timothy Moore
Center for the Built Environment (CBE), University of California, Berkeley, CA

Abstract: This paper investigates the potential and limitations for slab-integrated radiant cooling using an indirectevaporative fluid cooler as the primary source of cooling supply water. The analysis focuses on cooling capacity and energy consumption, while maintaining thermal comfort criteria, in comparison to an appropriately optimized all-air VAV system. Modeling of radiant cooling using Integrated Environmental Solution's Virtual Environment (iesVE) allowed for simulation of directly coupled thermal mass, controlled surface temperatures, and radiant exchange between surfaces. The model also accounts for hydronic tubing size, material, and spacing; density and depth of concrete; convective heat transfer coefficients specific to the chilled surfaces; thermal stratification in the conditioned space; a dedicated outside air system with indirect evaporative cooling; and an evaporative fluid cooler as the primary source of cooling supply water.
Pages: 148 - 155