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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2008: 3rd conference of IBPSA-USA


Tqm Approaches to Incorporating Simulation into Residential Energy Retrofit Programs

Chris Balbach, Greg Thomas
Performance Systems Development, Ithaca, USA

Abstract: In 2005, the residential building sector consumed an estimated 21.8 quads of energy, representing a 22% share of total U.S. Primary Energy Consumption, and an estimated 37% of total U.S. Electricity Consumption. The potential for increasing the energy efficiency of residential building stock through targeted energy efficiency retrofit programs is unarguably significant. Energy efficiency retrofit programs (both utility and non-utility funded) have recently been designed to realize these potential gains through incorporating energy simulation. The challenge for residential retrofit programs is to design a cost-effective yet accurate scalable process, which is tailored to individual needs? The utilization of TQM strategies and online data management provide successful vehicles to address this challenge.
Pages: 164 - 169