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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


Validation of a Low-Energy Whole Building Simulation Model

Graziano Salvalai, Jens Pfafferott, Dirk Jacob
Politecnico di Milano, BEST department, Milano, IT
Fraunhofer institute for solar energy systems, Freiburg, DE

Abstract: A methodology for validating low-energy whole building simulations is expounded in this paper. The capability of the integrated building-plant system, modeled by means of equation-based environment (IDA ICE), is evaluated to quantify model mismatch. A unique "energy concept" building is considered, and consists of various low-exergy technologies: suspended ceiling panels with phase change material (PCM), radiant cooling by plastered capillary tubes, borehole heat exchanger, and free night ventilation. Monitoring data is used to validate the model over the cooling season, and results showed accurate prediction by both the building and plant models (Pfafferot 2003). The primary outcome of this research is the complete, integrated realization of a low-energy whole building simulation with validation results, whereas comparable “energy concept” validation studies are scarce. Furthermore, the high accuracy of the approach lends itself to optimization of low-energy buildings, the investigation and demostration of alternative cooling strategies, and in support of the constuction of such buildings.
Pages: 32 - 39