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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


Analysis of Procedures and Workflow for Conducting Energy Analysis Using Autodesk Revit, gbXML, and Trace700

Shariq Ali
URS Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio

Abstract: GbXML came into use relatively recently for transferring building information from design programs to analysis programs. During the construction documentation phase of building designs the gbXML schema has drastically increased productivity for energy analysis model generation. The programs used were Autodesk Revit MEP 2010 (Revit) and Trane Trace 700 version 6.2.4 (Trace). Revit was used for designing the building geometry, while Trace was used for the analysis. This document describes the process and procedures for utilizing gbXML for energy analysis and mechanical load calculations. The Results consist of modeling and analysis best practices and suggestions for project organization. Results for calculation time data is given for analysis conducted on various computer configurations. It was found that high-end workstations reduced processing time by up to 64% over conventional desktops.
Pages: 56 - 63