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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


EnergyPlus vs DOE-2: The Effect of Ground Coupling on Heating-Cooling Energy of a Slab-On-Grade House

Simge Andolsun, Charles H. Culp, Jeff Haberl
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA

Abstract: For low-rise buildings, the heat loss through the ground coupled floor is a significant load component. Studies showed that the current simulation tools give dissimilar results for the ground coupled heat transfer (GCHT) in slab-on-grade constructions. This paper extends the previous comparative work by comparing EnergyPlus and DOE-2.1e results for GCHT based on a slab-on-grade code house in a cold climate. Three GCHT models were used in the study. These models were Winkelmann's (2002) model in DOE-2.1e, Winkelmann's model in EnergyPlus and EnergyPlus with its GCHT calculator utility, Slab.
Pages: 142 - 149