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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


Energy Efficiency Code in Brazil: Experiences in the First Public Building Labeled in Brasilia

Cláudia Naves David Amorim, Milena Sampaio Cintra, Caio Frederico e Silva, Júlia Teixeira Fernandes, Larissa Olivier Sudbrack
University of Brasília - Brazil.

Abstract: The new energy efficiency code for commercial, public and service buildings was officially launched in Brazil in 2009, as a proposal for new rules concerning building envelope, lighting and conditioning systems. The evaluation methodology is performed by prescriptive criteria and by energy performance simulations. The first labeled building in Brasilia is a public office studied by the Laboratory of Environmental Comfort and Energy Efficiency-LACAM, of the University of Brasilia. This article aims to present the process of labeling and its difficulties, especially those found in the process of energy performance simulations, indicating the results obtained in this first experience. The conclusion points out how the prescriptive method in this case gave the same results from simulations. It also showed the need of improvement of the simulation capacity in the Laboratories to improve the team's expertise, to the cases in which the prescriptive method doesn't fit well enough. This process must be done in a short period of time, allowing rapid expansion and absorption of this energy efficiency code all over the country. Keywords: labeling, energy efficiency, office building, Brasilia-Brazil.
Pages: 352 - 357