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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


Decomposing building system data for model validation and analysis using the Koopman operator

Bryan Eisenhower, Tobias Maile, Martin Fischer, Igor Mezi´c Mezi´c

Abstract: Large amounts of sensor information is often captured from either real world building sensors, or virtual building models, for many purposes including control design, fault or aging analysis, and model calibration. Because of the large dimension of this data on both spatial and temporal scales, it is often challenging to come to quick conclusions about what information of engineering importance is in the data. In this paper we present an approach to quickly assess spatial information in data based on the spectral content of a certain projection operator. We use operator theoretic methods to capture Koopman modes that represent the spatial content of oscillations in thermal quantities. By investigating these modes for different physically significant timescales (e.g. diurnal, or control system timescales) we can quickly capture how different parts of a building are responding to load changes at these frequencies (breathing"). This information helps us to understand anomalies in different aspects of the data
Pages: 434 - 441