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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2010: 4th conference of IBPSA-USA


Use of Building Simulation Software TAS to Investigate the Dynamic Thermal Performance of a School Building with Installation of a Monodraught Natural Ventilation and Cooling System

Naghman Khan, Yuehong Su, Saffa B. Riffat, Nick Hopper
Department of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham
Monodraught Ltd, Halifax House, High Wycombe, HP12 3SE

Abstract: This paper presents a simplified modelling process by using experimental results to form empirical relationships for a particular novel Monodraught natural ventilation and cooling system which can be applied in a popular building simulation software TAS. In particular, the behaviour of Monodraught natural ventilation Windcatcher systems integrated with a DC fan that is supplied directly by a PV panel without a backup battery is modelled for the whole year. The effect of natural and night time ventilation with thermal mass for cooling and mitigating overheating are investigated. Pressure losses from opening, louvers, ducts, dampers etc are accounted for and simplified in the modelling process.
Pages: 442 - 451