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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Application of a Stochastic Window Use Model in EnergyPlus

Spencer Dutton, Hui Zhang, Yongchao Zhai, Ed Arens, Youness Bennani Smires, Sam Brunswick, Kyle Konis, Phil Haves
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California
Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
UC Berkeley, Center for the Built Environment, California

Abstract: Natural ventilation, used appropriately, has the potential to provide both significant HVAC energy savings, and improvements in occupant satisfaction. Central to the development of natural ventilation models is the need to accurately represent the behavior of building occupants. The work covered in this paper describes a method of implementing a stochastic window model in EnergyPlus. Simulated window use data from three stochastic window opening models was then compared to measured window opening behavior, collected in a naturally-ventilated office in California. Recommendations regarding the selection of stochastic window use models, and their implementation in EnergyPlus, are presented.
Pages: 63 - 70