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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Virtual Mock-Up Modeling as Study Model of Building Envelope Performance and Design

Minjung Maing
College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Abstract: The current use of mock-ups in building envelope design is to serve as critical milestones in validating the envelope performance. There is increasing emphasis of the importance of physical mock-ups, in particular during pre-construction stages, in emerging guidelines, specifications and building practice methods. However physical mock-ups construe the design process as linear and can exacerbrate the project workflow when problems are discovered through these mock-ups at this late building design phase. To allow for more flexibility and interaction of the mock-up validation process into the re-terative design generation process, an alternate more robust mode of investigation needs to be explored. Virtual mock-ups are economical, less time consuming and robust options to their physical counterpart including their potential to integrate with building information modeling. This paper discusses research conducted on implications of virtual mock-ups and how their implementation, through case studies, was used as study models within an integrated exchange platform.
Pages: 75 - 82