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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Control-Oriented Dynamic Modeling and Calibration of a Campus Theater Using Modelica

Bryan Eisenhower, Kazimir Gasljevic, Igor Mezić
Center for Energy Efficient Design, UCSB
Physical Facilities, UCSB
Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCSB

Abstract: In order to design and assess the dynamic performance of building automation systems, accurate control-oriented models are needed. Previous modeling languages do not accurately capture transients and state information to the fidelity that is needed for rigorous control-theoretic analysis. With the recent progress in building energy modeling in Modelica, these transients, and the dynamics of the system in general, can are captured more accurately. In this paper we will discuss necessary methodologies that are needed to construct and calibrate an energy model for the purpose of control system design and tuning. We will discuss topics pertaining to this process including selection of appropriate steady state and dynamic data for model tuning. A case study will be included which investigates the dynamic performance of a building containing a movie theater and acoustic sound stage. Frequency domain control analysis will be presented using the calibrated model.
Pages: 112 - 119