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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Practical Techniques for Automated Calibration of Existing Models for Use in Building Operations

Madhav Munshi, Dan Tuhus-Dubrow, John An, Brian Coffey, Atelier Ten
Atelier Ten

Abstract: Building energy models constructed during the design phase can be used during building operations for benchmarking, fault detection and diagnosis, controls optimization and retrofit analysis. For most such applications, the model must be calibrated to at least roughly match measured data. This calibration process can be effectively framed and solved as an error minimization problem by selecting appropriate calibration parameters and bounds. Although the final determination of parameter values is performed algorithmically, there is still much engineering judgment necessary to set up and solve the problem. This paper demonstrates some practical techniques for setting up and solving the problem with GenOpt, including the iterative process of solving for successively more complete problem statements. Additionally, the paper discusses some of the ways in which modeling expertise plays an important role, illustrated by reference to recent projects.
Pages: 120 - 127