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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


An Integrated Infrastructure for Real-Time Building Energy Modeling and Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Bing Dong, Zheng O'Neill, ZhengWei Li, Dong Luo, Shashanka Madhusudana, Sunil Ahuja, Trevor Bailey
United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT, USA
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Abstract: It is common that a building consumes 20% more than its design intent. The inconsistency between design and operation is a driving force. To address this issue, we present an integrated infrastructure for real-time building energy modeling, visualization and energy Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD). A building information model (BIM) based database is developed for the purpose of storing building operational, simulation and FDD analysis data. A BIM to building energy modeling (BEM) middleware is developed to automatically generate energy modeling codes. A connector is developed in Building Control Virtual Testbed (BCVTB) which enables the storage of building energy management system (BEMS) data into a BIM based database in real-time fashion. Finally, this infrastructure is implemented in a real-building and continuously performs its data collection and visualization functions.
Pages: 448 - 455