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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Challenges to Integrated Daylighting and Electric Lighting Simulation Methods in a Whole-Building Energy Simulation Context

Rob Guglielmetti, Jennifer Scheib
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO

Abstract: We review current daylight and electric lighting simulation algorithms and their embodiment in some simulation tools and methodologies available to high-performance building engineers and designers. We propose a common set of terms to describe simulation approaches and identify the technology gaps that limit the integrated simulation of daylighting designs. We argue that integration is essential to elevating daylighting to a “keystone strategy” in high-performance and net-zero building design and describe a novel software tool (OpenStudio (Guglielmetti, et al. 2011)) that is being developed to fill the gaps.
Pages: 585 - 594