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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Application of Integrated Building Simulation and CFD to a Classroom Heating Case Study in a Mediterranean Climate

Miguel A. Campano, Samuel Domínguez, Jesica Fernández-Agüera, Juan J. Sendra
Institute of Architecture and Building Science, Seville, Spain 2 Reina Mercedes Avenue, Seville 41012, ES.

Abstract: This study develops knowledge of the methodological analysis of indoor air distribution in high density rooms, allowing evaluation of the expected comfort level of the occupants. A typical classroom is presented as a case study, focusing on the influence of dedicated ventilation. The methodology established the boundary conditions using discretization and determination of values over time which defined the dynamic energy behaviour of the room, by means of a nodal model. The study incorporates sectional isothermal curves and air velocity analysis, the use of indicators to evaluate the thermal comfort of the occupants according to ASHRAE standards, and comparisons of alternative HVAC systems. A case study application shows poor efficiency of traditional radiator heating systems versus those which incorporate a neutral ventilation air supply.
Pages: 715 - 722