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Proceedings of ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference


Laboratory Systems: Impact of Functional, Operational and Climatic Parameters

Shreshth Nagpal, Jagan Pillai
Atelier Ten, New York, NY

Abstract: Laboratories are far more energy intensive than typical commercial buildings, but not all laboratories consume energy for the same reasons. Most available design guidance for laboratories provides a list of energy efficiency strategies that include reducing design air change rates, decoupling of cooling and ventilation systems, and employing variable air volume fume hoods. However, there are multiple parameters that should be evaluated for each project's unique requirements to assess the value of any particular strategy. Utilizing a simple block model and results from multiple parametric simulations, the authors will make a case that based on each project's functional requirements and location, different projects respond very differently to the same strategies.
Pages: 153 - 159