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Proceedings of ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference


Early Design Analysis Using Optimization Techniques in Design/Practice

Sukreet Singh, Karen Kensek
Cuningham Group Architecture Inc., Denver, CO
USC, School of Architecture, Los Angeles, CA

Abstract: Optimization techniques and methods for selecting better solutions (as defined by the metric chosen) are becoming more common in simulation software. Several methods are available for energy consumption optimization: parametric analysis, genetic algorithms, and examination of alternatives via the Pareto front. Optimization algorithms and design alternative methods, as offered in commonly used energy software programs, offer techniques for guiding designers towards "better" (less energy use) solutions. Processes for incorporating these existing tools into a designer's workflow need to be examined, critically evaluated, and improved. This paper discusses an integrated design approach using a case study incorporating benefits of simulation and optimization techniques at different phases of a buiding design project to make knowledge-based decisions efficiently.
Pages: 284 - 291