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ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference


Calculation Methodology for the Advanced Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Energy Savings Calculator Tool

Mudit Saxena, David Alexander, Gabe Arnold
Vistar Energy, Rocklin, CA
Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Francisco, CA
DesignLights Consortium, Lexington, MA

Abstract: With recent developments in solid state lighting driving much of the current interest in lighting upgrades in existing building, utility programs and codes are beginning to promote advanced lighting controls along with lighting upgrades to ensure that the energy benefit from the investment is maximized. To promote advanced lighting controls in utility programs, a new 'Advanced Lighting Controls Systems' (ALCS) energy savings calculator tool has been developed, with funding from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and DesignLights Consortium (DLC). This Excel based calculator allows users easy access to customized calculation of energy savings from lighting controls for their projects, thus removing a key barrier in promotion of lighting controls technology. For the development of the ALCS Calculator, a new savings calculation methodology was developed that uses the concept of hourly energy use profiles for typical days of a year, and savings control factors. Using this methodology, annual energy and demand savings can be calculated for any commercial building project with different lighting control types, or 'modes'. The calculation approach accounts for interaction between various lighting control modes applied in a single space. This paper provides a technical overview of the calculation methodology developed for the ALCS Calculator Tool and discusses key concepts of the tool's new calculation approach.
Pages: 41 - 48