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ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference


Sensitivity Study of Annual and Point-In-Time Daylight Performance Metrics: A 24 Space Multi-Year Field Study

Amir Nezamdoost, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Integrated Design Lab, University of Idaho, Boise, ID
Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Abstract: With the latest published version LEED (v4), and the IES codifying two recommended annual-climate-based daylighting metrics and performance criteria, annual daylighting simulation has become even more important to the design professions than ever before. However, interpretation and application of annualclimate-based daylighting data are still relatively novel. This paper documents a 8-year human factors daylighting field research project using students' qualitative assessments of daylight sufficiency and corresponding point-in-time and annual-climate-based daylighting simulation in a variety of building types (n=24) in order to provide insight to the building performance simulation community about application of these new annual daylighting metrics.
Pages: 49 - 56