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ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference


Smart Energy Analysis Calculator - An Interactive Tool for Automating Building Energy Analysis & Expediting Energy Audits

Claudio Tschätsch, Eric Turner, Annie Marston, Avideh Zakhor, Jonathan Lemmond, Oliver Baumann
Baumann Consulting, Inc., Washington DC, USA
Indoor Reality, Inc., Berkeley, California, USA

Abstract: The Smart Energy Analysis Calculator (SEAC) is a client-interactive calculation tool that identifies energy conservation measures in existing buildings, along with the associated energy and cost savings. SEAC combines an energy analysis performance with an automaticallygenerated building energy model using the Rapid Building Energy Modeler (RAPMOD) technology. SEAC will add value and accuracy to energy analysis, audits and energy simulations and empower owners and building mangers during the building retrofit process. SEAC applies an automatic process flow and procedure to utilize building and system input data collected by RAPMOD. With hourly based schedules and local weather data to implement the anisotropic HDKR-Model, SEAC is rooted on a transient 4-capacitorsimplified energy model to determine the resulting thermal response and quantities for reactive building loads and temperatures. Using American and German green building codes and standards, this methodology is applied to improve accuracy and reduce the required time for energy analysis and audits. Modeled energy usage is benchmarked against manually input utility, energy rating scores and ASHRAE 90.1:2010, and is analyzed to suggest potential energy conservation measures and estimate associated costs and energy savings. This paper describes the design and calculation approach for creating the SEAC tool and the implementation of RAPMOD into the automatic process flow.
Pages: 87 - 94