Paper Conference

ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference



Daniel Macumber, Kenny Gruchalla, Nicholas Brunhart-Lupo, Michael Gleason, Julian Abbot-Whitley, Joseph Robertson, Benjamin Polly, Katherine Fleming, Marjorie Schott

Abstract: Assessing the impact of energy efficiency technologies at a district or city scale is of great interest to local governments, real estate developers, utility companies, and policymakers. This paper describes a flexible framework that can be used to create and run district and city scale building energy simulations. The framework is built around the new OpenStudio City Database (CityDB). Building footprints, building height, building type, and other data can be imported from public records or other sources. Missing data can be inferred or assigned from a statistical sampling of other datasets. Once all required data is available, OpenStudio Measures are used to create starting point energy models and to model energy efficiency measures for each building. Together this framework allows a user to pose several scenarios such as what if 30% of the commercial retail buildings added rooftop solar" or "what if all elementary schools converted to ground source heat pumps" and then visualize the impacts at a district or city scale. This paper focuses on modeling existing building stock using public records. However the framework is capable of supporting the evaluation of new construction ...
Pages: 133 - 140