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ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference


A BIM Workflow for Iterative and Informative Energy Modeling

Ryan Welch, Amy Egerter, Shanta Tucker, Christopher Connock
KieranTimberlake, Philadelphia, PA
Atelier Ten, New York City, NY

Abstract: A Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow is developed to automate data transfer across software platforms and facilitate an iterative energy modeling practice. The workflow comprises a translation of Revit model geometry and parameters using a custom application for the automated export of an eQUEST input file. Revisions can be made in Revit and reimported into a revised version of the eQUEST file. This workflow further utilizes a shared web-based Access database of project information, which includes energy analysis parameters such as ventilation rates, internal loads, and use schedules that can be synchronized with Revit model parameters and subsequently fed into the eQUEST input file. Ultimately the workflow could expand to support other text-based input files and platforms.
Pages: 244 - 250