Paper Conference

2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


A Detailed Methodology for Cloud-Based Daylight Analysis

Kerger Truesdell, Andrew Corney, Vladimir Bajic
Trimble – SketchUp and Sefaira Division, New York, NY
Trimble – SketchUp and Sefaira Division, London, UK

Abstract: It is often difficult for practitioners to trust analysis software if its methods are not transparent and welldocumented. The purpose of this paper is to open for review, comment and reference the methodology used within Sefaira to help those who use it and those who field requests to respond to its outputs. This paper will document the way in which Sefaira conducts cloud-based daylighting analysis to serve nonspecialist architect practitioners seeking to inform early-stage design decisions. This paper will explain how a Sefaira simulation is defined and conducted, with particular focus on the tool's unique use of cloudcomputing and how the tool is optimized to support early-stage decision making. This paper does not try to revalidate the Radiance or Daysim engines that Sefaira uses as its fundamental platform.
Pages: 367 - 373