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2018 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


Experimental Calibration of a One-Dimensional Model for Simulating the Dynamic Thermal Behaviour of Stratified Lakes

Freek Van Riet, Ruben De Wolf, Ivan Verhaert
University of Atwerp, Belgium

Abstract: With increasing insulation, cooling in buildings gains importance regarding overall primary energy consumption. By integrating lakes in cooling systems, this consumption can be reduced. To optimally design these systems, it is beneficial to have insight in the dynamic thermal behaviour of the lake and its interaction with the cooling system. As simulations can provide such insight, a one-dimensional lake model is calibrated and validated in this paper. In order to do so, first the lake's depth was mapped in preliminary measurements. After that, temperature and light intensity at its center were measured at 15 different depths for 11 months. Weather conditions were logged in detail by a national weather station nearby the lake. The preliminary measurements showed that the lake had a maximum depth of 7.8m, a surface area of 16000m2 and a total volume of 100000m3. The data of the light intensity showed a time-dependency throughout the year. The calibrated model estimates most data with an error of only ±2°C. Therefore, it can be used to analyse the potential of the lake for cooling purposes.
Pages: 430 - 437