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2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


Improving Model Calibration Methods: A Case Study Application of Incorporating IEQ with Energy

Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Dejan Mumovic, Michael Davies
UCL Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering, University College London, UK
DesignBuilder Software Limited, UK

Abstract: Calibrated building performance simulation models are useful in operational performance assessments. The current measurement and verification (M&V) protocols provide the statistical criteria to check model accuracy. However, they do not describe the criteria for uncertainty or the accuracy of dependent parameters such as zone environmental outputs. Mathematically, meeting just the validation criteria in a highly parameterized model and an under-determined search space can lead to unrealistic solutions. This paper explores ways to improve the quality of calibrated models and suggests a multi-level checking framework. This is implemented on a case study building. The paper describes the current industry standard of energy use validation as the lowest level of calibration with higher levels requiring further validation of disaggregated energy use, whilst meeting the indoor environment quality (IEQ) parameter validation criteria.
Pages: 392 - 399